Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get started at CITYDOGs?

Welcome to CITYDOGs, we’re happy that you are here! The first step to getting your dog eligible to visit our dog park and use our daycare, boarding, and grooming services is registering your pup online  and making sure we have vaccines on file.

After your pup’s profile is completed, you’ll be able to request reservations, upload vaccinations, and purchase memberships and subscriptions.

What does a typical day of daycare look like for my pup?

Daycare is the safest way to keep your dog stimulated. At CITYDOGs, your dog can play all day under the vigilant watch of our staff. Group play is monitored closely to enforce good manners and ensure the comfort of all guests. Dogs are separated into groups by size and temperament, with strict rules on staff-to-pet ratios.

Daycare visitors take a one-hour break in the middle of the day for nap time. Dogs are very similar to toddlers in that if they don’t get a break from their constant playing and wrestling they can get very cranky, increasing the risk of aggression. Instead, we bring the dogs in to rest, leaving them excited and recharged to continue playing.

All of our daycare dogs have access to water throughout their entire stay and frequent opportunities to potty.

What vaccinations are required?

To be eligible for any of our services your pup must be up-to-date on bordetella, distemper/parvo, and rabies vaccinations. Vaccination records can be uploaded directly to your pet’s profile. Don’t have your dog’s records handy? No problem! When completing your pet’s profile, provide your veterinarian’s information and we’ll contact them directly.

To ensure the safety of our guests, we require all vaccinations be given by a licensed veterinarian. We do not accept dogs who are given at-home vaccinations.

Are there any age requirements for my dog to be eligible for daycare or boarding services?

Yes, your pup must be at least 12 weeks old. All dogs older than 1 year must be spayed or neutered. Exceptions may be considered with a veterinary recommendation.

Are there medical risks associated with having my pup socialize with other dogs?

There are always risks associated when dogs socialize. At CITYDOGs, we take great pride in going above and beyond to make our facility the cleanest and safest in Kansas City; we verify vaccinations for all visiting dogs, have rigorous cleaning protocols (including regular, thorough sanitization with hospital-grade disinfectants), and expertly-trained staff are cleaning the facility throughout the day.

What should my pup bring with her/him to overnight boarding?

Your dog should come with all of their meals for the duration of their stay. Each kennel is outfitted with a cozy blanket for your pet’s comfort. We also welcome small items from home like a blanket or t-shirt to keep your pet company overnight. If you do not bring your pup’s food we will feed our house food, Science Diet.

We encourage all pups to bring their items in a bag.

If my dog needs medication, what should I do?

We are happy to administer oral medications to your dog during their stay. Medications must be provided in the original container with the prescription label. Please communicate any special instructions during check-in and our team will document that information in your pet’s profile

How should I bring their food?

Each meal, for the duration of your dog’s stay, should be in an individual, sealed bag. If your dog eats wet food, please provide the original sealed container, labeled with your dog’s name.  House + Wet food can be provided for your dog for $2 a day

If your dog runs out of food during their stay, we will provide our house dry dog food at $5.00 per day. This will be added to the final charge for your pet’s stay.

Can I bring my dog’s favorite toy?

If your dog is boarding with us, we will allow a small comfort item. However, toys, beds, chews, and large items or blankets are discouraged.  Be aware we do lots of laundry items may be lost etc.

What are the pick-up and drop off hours for daycare and boarding?

Dogs can be dropped for daycare and boarding starting at 6:30 am Monday – Friday, 8:00 am on Saturday and 10:00 am on Sunday.

Standard daycare pick up is by 6:30 p.m. 
Our checkout time for boarding is 1pm. A full day of boarding is added to that day if after the checkout time, or can be voided if the dog participates in day play or has a board bath.

What if I have more than one dog?

We love having pups from the same family come to CITYDOGs together! We’re happy to accommodate your preference on whether they sleep together in the same room or need to be feed separately.  Please let us know at drop off what would be better for them.

Anything I should know if I’m boarding over a holiday?

Our staff is onsite however there are no pickups or drop-offs on holidays.

Can I schedule a bath for my pup during his stay?

Yes! We encourage dogs to be bathed after their boarding stay to be sure the pup is fresh and clean after playing with the other pups.

Please let us know at check-in if you want this added.

Can I bring dog treats or dog toys to the park?

No outside dog treats or toys are permitted at CITYDOGs.

Do you have breed restrictions?

We love all dog breeds at CITYDOGs! All well-behaved and social dogs are welcome to play as long as they meet our age, vaccine and spay/neuter requirements. Dogs who exhibit extreme discomfort or aggressive tendencies will be asked to leave.

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